Michel Versluis


My research interests lie in the experimental observation of the exciting world of bubbles and jets in multiphase flow phenomena such as air entrainment, sonoluminescence and cavitation.

I am particularly interested in the physics of bubbles and drops used in medical applications, both in imaging and in therapy, and in the physics and control of bubbles and droplets in microfluidics.



Contact information

Physics of Fluids Group
University of Twente

Office: Meander ME-260
Tel.: +31 53 489 6824
Fax: +31 53 489 8068
Email: m.versluis@utwente.nl



Michel Versluis
(BSc Physics 1985, BSc Astronomy 1985, MSc Physics and Astrophysics 1988, PhD Nijmegen 1992) joined University of Twente in 1999. Full Professor Physical and Medical Acoustics in the Physics of Fluids group with research interests in micro- and nanofluidics for medicine and nanotechnology industry.