Below are some short descriptions of the courses I am currently teaching, with links to relevant websites.

Advanced Fluid Mechanics

Fall 2011 (Quarter 1)
Objectives:The objective of this course is to acquire a firm theoretical base in classical fluid mechanics. The emphasis is on analytical solutions and its physical implications. Advanced Fluid Mechanics will serve as an introduction to the basic equations and phenomena needed in "Turbulence", "Experimental Methods in Fluid Mechanics", and various specific lectures as, e.g., Acoustics, Granular Flow, and Computational Fluid Mechanics.
Contents: Revisiting the conservation laws, Newtonian Flow, Vorticity laws, Potential flow in 2D and 3D, Conformal mapping and 2D flow, Water waves, Shallow water equations, Low Reynolds number flow, Stokes and Oseen solutions, Hele-Shaw flow, High Reynolds number flow, boundary layers, similarity solutions, Stability of flows, Compressible Flow, Isentropic flow, Normal and oblique shock waves, Laval nozzle.
Course website: Blackboard.

Heat and Mass Transfer

Spring 2012 (Quarter 3)
Objectives: The objective of this course is to acquire understanding of physical and practical problems in which heat and mass transfer play an important role. Use will be made of analytical as well as approximate tools. The aim is to acquire the ability and the tools to solve the complex physics problems often encountered in a combination of fluid mechanics and heat and mass transfer.
Contents: Foundations of heat and mass transfer, Stationary and time dependent conduction problems, Heat radiation, Dimensional analysis, Forced and natural convection, in internal (pipe flow) as well as external configurations, Latent heat in phase transitions: boiling, evaporation, condensation, solidification. Modeling in practical situations. Additional lectures on Random walks and the Leidenfrost effect.
Course website: Blackboard (last year's course).

Physics of Fluids

Spring 2013 (Quarters 3 and 4)
Objectives: The objective of this course is to provide an introduction to the beauty of fluid physics. The student will acquire knowledge of frequently encountered fluid phenomena, a thorough understanding of the basic equations of fluid flow and the ability of how how to apply them to practical problems.
Contents: Characteristics of various fluids and flows, fluid statics, elementary fluid dynamics, Bernoulli equation, Euler equation, continuity equation, Navier-Stokes equation, viscous flow, constitutive equations, potential flow, dimensional analysis, pipe flow, transition to turbulence, fully developed turbulent flow, flow over immersed bodies, boundary layers, open channel flow, surface waves, channel flow, compressible flow.
Course website: Not yet available.

List of courses taught in the past:
     Lab course Physics of Fluids
     Granular Matter (15 hour postgraduate lecture series, Heidelberg)
     Heat Transfer & Transport Phenomena
     Coordinator Laboratory Course for Physics Freshmen
     Electricity and magnetism
     Applied Instrumentation
     Laboratory Course Physics
     Tutor of many projects.